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Here you will find our latest insights from the markets in which we work. We regularly write short pieces that we think may be of interest to our clients and the wider investment community. Please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media for the latest updates. You will find links to all of these at the bottom of the page.

Meat, protein, soy, COVID and 3D printers

The alternative meat industry is starting to gain some serious traction with the unlikely help of COVID19. Cattle farming for the meat industry is a water intensive process. It takes roughly 1,700 gallons (7,700 litres) of water to produce one pound of beef for the table. By contrast, a pound of soya beans has a

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Selecting the right investor relations partner

Companies considering the appointment of an investor relations firm to assist them in Europe will often be presented by a large number of apparent choices that are available. Ranging from specialist firms such as Stellium through to the more traditional Financial PR companies who also purport to undertake investor relations as part of their offering,

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Gold mining shares poised for a sustained bull run?

2020 uncertainty proving to be a boon for gold Investors in mining companies have had a rough ride over the past few years. Despite significant geopolitical uncertainty led by Brexit, US-China trade and military tension as well as continuous rumble of discourse in the Middle East, gold prices had not performed particularly well. One of

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2020’s – The decade that ESG goes mainstream

Evolving priorities in the investor landscape In October 2017 S&P Global stated that $23 trillion of investments under management globally are oriented towards an ESG based approach. This figure is now closer to $30 trillion. Furthermore, S&P report that 95% of responding institutional investors plan to engage with companies they invest in about issues related

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Investor marketing roadshows

A roadshow is the process by which a company management team visits various cities to engage directly with the investment communiity in pre arranged 1 on 1 meetings or lunches. Roadshows can have a specific purpose, when a company wishes to raise capital for instance or explain a set of corporate results. They can also

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Social media’s role in investor relations

Social media is a powerful tool with which companies can reach a diverse range of potential investors and customers whilst differentiating themselves from their peer group. Increasingly, management teams are embracing the power of social platforms to get their corporate news and messaging in front of a wider audience than has ever been possible before.

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