Advisory & Business Development

Stellium's advice is valued by our clients

Providing truthful and impactful advice is a valued part of our service. From individual projects to complete overhauls of a company strategy our team can deliver a solution that meets your needs. We don’t take on roles where we are not certain that we can add value.

Advice in detail

Strategic reviews

Reviewing current strategy and progress towards objectives is a valuable part of what we do. Ensuring that the tactical actions are appropriate to the overall objective is something that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of day to day work. We work with our clients to assess how well their current strategy is meeting their objectives putting them on the right course for success.

Board support

We understand the challenges facing company management teams and are available to provide non-executive board support to clients in order to ensure that their capital markets strategy remains best in class. Senior members of our team have extensive experience in key aspects of company management and governance. 

Independent advice

Sound, unbiased advice can be difficult to access internally in some organisations. An independent, fresh perspective can be the difference between a resounding success and a costly failure. Our team have the experience to be able to offer a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Business development

Looking to grow by acquisition or divest assets? Stellium is increasingly asked to identify companies or assets by acquisitive companies. We have strong relationships with asset and business owners enabling us to connect the decision makers to get the deal done.

Bespoke projects

Where our clients have requirements that is not met by our other service offerings, we are able to structure bespoke solutions to complex business problems. And, if we can’t do it, we are sure that we know someone else who can and are always happy to make the introductions to get the best result for the client.

A full service agency

We take a holistic approach to client service and pride ourselves on our ability to remain objective in the advice we provide. Combined with the other services we offer, Stellium can be a strong partner to your business.

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