Digital solutions & social media

Stellium is an agency that successful companies return to again and again

Our capital markets backgrounds set us apart from the peer group communications and investor relations firms. Our digital solutions are designed to attract the attention of key stakeholders, investors and customers.

Digital solutions in detail

Social media campaigns & management

Generate the right kind of attention. Our social media experts are skilled at building impactful campaigns – from engaging with industry themes, promoting spokespeople or producing high-impact visual content. We will help you start conversations and build strong communities to make your social channels a key part of your business.

Email marketing

Our email marketing services help you build stronger relationships with your stakeholders, investors, and customers, enhancing brand loyalty, generating leads, and improving customer retention. Targeted emails, complex nurture strategies, and personalized user journeys all drive results, boosting engagement, revenues, and investment. We can promote your business to our proprietary list of >7,000 subscribers, generating immediate traffic and leapfrogging your business ahead of its peers.

PPC: Pay per click campaigns

Obtain maximum returns from every click. Our PPC consultants specialize in paid search, paid social and display advertising to get your message in front of customers at precisely the right time – so your PPC campaigns are aligned with your business objectives.

Social Media Ads

Run targeted ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X (previously Twitter) to reach potential investors and a wide retail audience.

Compliance and Transparency

Ensure that all digital marketing efforts align with relevant securities laws and regulations. This includes accurate disclosure of financial information, adherence to reporting deadlines, and compliance with investor communication guidelines.
Transparency is key to building trust with investors. Provide timely and accurate information about your company’s financial performance, strategic decisions, and any material events. Transparency fosters confidence and encourages long-term investor engagement.

A full service agency

Digital marketing campaigns work best when combined with strategic branding, strong website design, impactful content, and effective media relations. Stellium can provide all the support you need, combined with a service that delivers from day one. 

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