Corporate access & roadshow marketing

“Meeting potential and current investors” is one of the more common goals that we hear when we ask what is most important to both potential and current Stellium clients. Identifying incremental pools of capital and being able to access and start a conversation with the individual or teams responsible for making allocation decisions is a task that never stops during an IR engagement.

The introduction of MIFID 2 and other pieces of regulation both here in the UK and abroad has made the function of Corporate Access something that many companies have to deal with themselves (rather than relying on a broker to assist them).

Roadshow marketing – evolving

The traditional “roadshow” where a company management team is literally “walked around” to various investors has evolved hugely in the past years (not least as a result of the various travel restrictions put in place to combat the COVID19 pandemic). Added to the traditional roadshow we now have virtual meetings, conferences (both virtual and physical), webinars, capital markets days as well as more social drinks and dinner focused events.

Roadshows continue to form a key component in building longstanding relationships between company management and the investment community (both buy side and sell side). At Stellium, we assist our clients with accessing investors in a variety of ways whether it’s an initial face to face meeting or introduction to multi day virtual roadshows or thematic conference or webinar events. Through experience we have found that there is no “one size fits all” solution and a tactically flexible approach encompassing face to face meetings along with events that leave us with digital collateral (which can be recycled and used across other communications channels) is often a productive way forward.


When speaking to potential clients we are surprised at how often we hear that following a round of meetings organised at a conference or by a competitor that they are left without any feedback as to how the company was perceived by the investor. Feedback on the investment proposition, investment attractiveness (relative to the peer group), presentation delivery and, ultimately, whether it’s an investible proposition today is something that we always strive to provide our clients.

It is this feedback that allows the investor relations efforts to evolve and address weaknesses and gaps in the overall investment story. The feedback is what we use to modify and ultimately improve the overall IR strategy so that it is achieving its objectives on a medium to long term basis.

If you’d like to speak to us about our corporate access offerings, roadshow marketing or other aspects of our business and how we can help yours then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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