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Here you will find our latest insights from the markets in which we work. We regularly write short pieces that we think may be of interest to our clients and the wider investment community. Please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media for the latest updates. You will find links to all of these at the bottom of the page.

The importance of IR cannot be understated. It is a strategic function.

What’s the value in Investor Relations?

Small and mid-cap companies, including those aspiring to list on stock exchanges for the first time, face unique challenges in their pursuit of growth and success. These challenges often revolve around limited resources, market uncertainties, and the necessity of efficient access to capital. Here, we will explore the significance of investor relations (IR) and delve

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Technological flashpoint; semiconductors

As a firm working across multiple sectors, it’s important for us to keep an eye on the various factors affecting the industries in which our clients operate. Spotting trends and potential opportunities is a key part of what we do in order that we can get ahead of the masses in presenting our clients’ investment

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Critical Materials – The elephant in the climate change room

2022 is proving to be a very interesting and (arguably) troubling year for energy, food security and water. Geopolitical events, most noticeably the Russia – Ukraine conflict has accelerated a problem that has been brewing for a number of years. Short term political decisions (such as Angela Merkle’s’ decision to scrap Germany’s nuclear program after

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Corporate access & roadshow marketing

“Meeting potential and current investors” is one of the more common goals that we hear when we ask what is most important to both potential and current Stellium clients. Identifying incremental pools of capital and being able to access and start a conversation with the individual or teams responsible for making allocation decisions is a

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Investor relations value proposition

Hiring a specialist firm like Stellium can be a difficult decision for some management teams. Choosing to spend working capital on an investor relations program can seem like an extravagance when compared to many of the other financial commitments that a listed company may have. In this piece, we’ll attempt to lay out some of

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The increasingly important role of investor relations

It used to be the case that public companies would rely on the sell side to provide them with access to the investment community. The broker would act as the matchmaker arranging meetings and introductions between corporate management and the investor. This model is now looking increasingly outdated and inefficient. In this piece, we will

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