Investor relations

The increasingly important role of investor relations

It used to be the case that public companies would rely on the sell side to provide them with access to the investment community. The broker would act as the matchmaker arranging meetings and introductions between corporate management and the investor. This model is now looking increasingly outdated and inefficient. In this piece, we will …

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Investor marketing roadshows

A roadshow is the process by which a company management team visits various cities to engage directly with the investment communiity in pre arranged 1 on 1 meetings or lunches. Roadshows can have a specific purpose, when a company wishes to raise capital for instance or explain a set of corporate results. They can also …

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UK & Europe investor relations

One of the first things that we are often asked when speaking to prospective clients is “why don’t we have more European participation on our share register?”. It’s a simple question but the answer requires a slightly more complex response. If you are involved or managing a company that is either private or not listed in …

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