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The industrials sector offers a variety of challenges which need to be addressed in order to get full recognition and value from the capital markets. As one of the largest sectors globally, companies operating in this sector are strongly of interest to Stellium. With a huge array of companies to choose from, Stellium is particularly …

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Special situations

Companies exploiting new and interesting opportunities in emerging sectors are what we call “special situations”. Our experience in other high growth industries coupled with our contacts and networks ideally positions us to assist companies and management teams operating in these exciting and emerging areas. Please do get in touch should you wish to discuss more …

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As scientific advances translate to real world solutions, technology continues to influence the way we live our lives. Improvements and efficiencies borne out by changes in the way that we interact with the world are constantly changing what used to be the established norms. From areas such as IT (software, and computing hardware) to startups …

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Leisure and hospitality

Leisure and hospitality is a rapidly evolving sector with companies such as  Airbnb disrupting the traditional models.  We are very interested to speak with companies providing services in a novel way in the leisure and hospitality industry.  If you’re working in a company in the leisure and hospitality sector and would like to discuss how …

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Healthcare and life sciences

Healthcare and life sciences are sectors at the forefront of innovation. New drugs and technology can materially increase a company’s valuation in a short time frame. Such technologies and the research required to develop new pharmaceuticals often require significant capital investment. With a large and growing array of companies to choose from, Stellium is particularly …

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Finance and fintech

One of the fastest evolving sectors in the world is the finance sector. New companies using technology to disrupt and improve traditional models are hugely interesting for a range of investors and market participants.  If you’re working in a company in the finance and fintech sector and would like to discuss how Stellium can assist …

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Within the mining sector, we are interested in working with companies at all stages of the mining company  life-cycle from greenfield exploration companies to those with operating mines. We are commodity agnostic but will look to work with teams holding assets that we believe have the potential to become profitable mining operations. It is our …

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Oil and gas

Whether the project is an upstream exploration asset, a producing property looking to increase production or a services business involved in drilling; we have the experience to help you. We have particular expertise in advising and working with companies listed on the TSX, TSX-V and Australian investment exchanges (as well as private companies).  We are …

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